2013. szeptember 22., vasárnap

JavaOne Sunday: NetBeans Sessions

Sunday's NetBeans sessions were the first one I visited during JavaOne 2013. Here is a quick summary of them.

NetBeans Community Tools with JRebel, Jelastic, and More

This session presented a few NetBeans plugins, namely: Jelastic, JRebel, Codename One, Android, and Gradle. Although nothing really special here, it was a nice warm-up showing that NetBeans can already be used for mobile development (Codename One, Android). One thing to keep in mind for me is to actually use JRebel for hot swapping classes during development. Mostly because it supports changing/adding/removing fields and methods at runtime, as opposed to JVM Hot Swap or the redeployment features in WebLogic or JBoss AS.

By the way, the presenters were using NetBeans 7.4 RC1 and nightly builds so there were a few freezes during the demos. So watch out and go for the final version. ;)

Cool NetBeans Tips and Tricks for Java EE 7 Development

This session matched the abstract and my expectations perfectly. A great team showed us some seemingly trivial but rather useful wizards and shortcuts in NetBeans. I have to confess I was reminded of a few features that I am not using daily, but I should. I strongly suggest everyone using NetBeans to have another look again to its shortcuts and similar features, especially in version 7.4.

The whole session was simple, focused, useful, and as quick as necessary. I have to specifically mention John Yeary who was a great moderator and increased the fun factor of the session a lot. :)

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